Evangelion: Asuka from Ayanami? The reason for the popularity reversal NHK big vote talked about

The results of nhk’s plan to vote for favorite characters, Eva, Apostles, and serifs of the popular anime “Evangelion” series, “All Evangelion Large Vote” is the special edition of the May 16 broadcast It was announced in nhk and bs premium. As a result, the first place in the character category is Shikinami Asuka Langley, and the third place is Ayanami Ray. Since the first TV series, they have been double heroines for about 25 years, but at least in the late 1990s and early 2000s anime magazines, ayanami’s top was unwavering, and eva featured always had the cover. Therefore, among the long-time fans, “Ayanami and Asuka popularity has been reversed The shock ran. Why did you reverse it? I tried to analyze. (Kiyoshi Thane/ Anime Critic)
 ◇ Asuka popularity had long overtaken Ayanami
 The reaction to this result varies, and one of them is that nhk’s way of putting it together is “messy” and unreliable. Certainly, the character of “Soryu” which corresponds to “Expression wave” in the television version and the old movie version cannot even vote, and there is no distinction such as “first person”, “second person”, and “third person” which is the biggest feature of Ayanami either.
 However, these factors are likely to be only errors. This is because since the 2010s, the reversal phenomenon of “Asuka from Ayanami” has been seen in a number of popular polls, and the flow was visualized in february 2019, the 13th anniversary general election of “Evastore” held at “EVANGELION STORE” ahead of this result. This is limited to the new movie version, but the character classification is high accuracy, such as[Ayanami of the beginning]. Asuka’s popularity might have already surpassed Ayanami.
 ◇ Weathering of the category “expressionless character”
 The second analysis is a change of the times. Nearly 25 years have passed since the TV version, and it is a place where we can’t beat the changes in the times. In my opinion, this is half the time, and i think half of it has failed to capture the essence of the situation. Why did Ayanami keep the popular top for a long time? It is largely thanks to the intense novelty of establishing a category called “expressionless character”.
 Even before Ayanami, there were characters who rarely showed their emotions, such as Maetel of “Galactic Railway 999”. However, since ayanami appeared, there have been many characters such as Hoshino Luri of “Nadesico” and Yuki Nagato of the “Haruhi Suzumiya” series, etc. are categorized the same “expressionless” . It’s not that we’ve followed it, but that the framework of audience recognition has changed.
 The difference between the previous and Ayanami’s “expressionlessness” is that it is closely tied to the settings and dramas. While a clone made by a person, the arrogant anchor Gendo is so important that she rescues her hand without worrying about it, and she also treasures Gendou’s “broken glasses”. Shinji didn’t care at first when she was seen naked, but gradually she woke up to humanity. While there are such a variety of dramas, her secrets are revealed to the heart of the story, and they were a “new character” together.
 However, the new ness will weather some day. Like Moe, the secret expressionless ness was widely adopted and spread as “one of the most popular elements” without even the consciousness of mane. Now Ayanami’s genes are no longer “special” because they spread to all creations in some form. That’s also what Ayanami is a successful character.
 ◇Asuka popularity is more of a vote for a “good guy” than a love affair
 The other is the change of the character Asuka in the new movie version. The color of the bright hair, the victory spirit, tend to look down on the person with a great value. However, when you open your heart, the so-called “Tsundere”, which gradually bakes and shows cute places, seems to be no different from the “so-so-ryu” of the past at first glance.
 However, there is not even a point of contact with Kamochi Ryoji who was attached so much in the old work either. The disastrous past is not particularly stressed, as it was said during the launch experiment of Eva 3 that it was “just laughable.” “Soryu” in the old movie version showed the love that made yandere say, “I don’t need anything if you don’t make it all mine”, but there is no such trouble anywhere.
 Asuka in the new movie version is a good guy. Because there is no relation with Kamochi, it does not repel former lover’s Katsuragi Misato, and it tries to take relations with Ayanami though it holds a faint desire to Shinji. It is necessary to apply for the start experiment of the unit and it encounters a serious encounter when knowing that Shinji and Gendou are the day of the meal party.
 It is not expressionless, it is not Tsundele, and it is “Good fellow” who draws the poor lottery voluntarily thanks to the meeting with the people around. I think that the number of votes cast in such a ceremony wave Asuka Langley includes “I want to be a friend” considerably. Perhaps the biggest change in the times is the shift from the feeling of love to anime characters like the old days, to “I wish i could have a good time with such a child close to me.”