Former Vice President Biden says radio show is racist and criticized

Former Vice President Biden voiced racist and criticized remarks on the radio program May 23 at 8:25 am

Former Vice President Biden, who is confirming the nomination for the opposition and Democratic nomination in the U.S. presidential election, said on a radio show that he was “not black enough to wonder whether he supports me or Trump,” and has been criticized by the Trump camp and his supporters for making racist remarks.

On March 22, Former Vice President Biden appeared on a popular radio program with black youth, and a video of the interview was released on the Internet.

At the end of the interview, he said he would like to ask for a new appearance because there are many things he wants to ask about, while Biden said, “I still have questions, but I’m not black because I don’t seem to be wondering whether to support me or Trump.”

When the personality countered that “this has nothing to do with President Trump,” Biden said he had done everything for blackpeople.

In the meantime, mr. Biden, speaking with a smile on his face, seems to have wanted to emphasize that the support from black supremacists is so strong, but he has been criticized by President Trump’s camp and supporters for making racist remarks.

Mr. Biden later admitted that he had made inappropriate remarks and apologized, but in the form of providing the Trump camp with good offensive material, mr. Biden’s gaffes and disdain, which have been frequently controversial in the past, are likely to affect the campaign.