Frankfurt officially announces contract extension with Makoto Hasebe… He’s gone after retiring.

Frankfurt has extended his contract with former Japan national team midfielder Makoto Hasebe until the summer of 2021. 23, announced on the club’s official website.
 Hasebe’s current contract with Frankfurt is due this summer, and his departure has attracted attention. There have been reports of speculation that Frankfurt will forgo a contract extension with Hasebe to cut labor costs, but it has been officially decided that they will play in frankfurt uniforms for the 2020-21 season.
 In addition, Frankfurt announced that Hasebe will continue to work for the club after retiring as a player. After taking off the spike, he announced that he would remain in Frankfurt as a brand ambassador.
 Frankfurt’s director Freddy Bovich was delighted to have signed a new contract with Hasebe and said:
“Makoto has had a great career. The 36-year-old is still an important pillar of the team because he has incredible discipline and professionalism. I’m happy that he will continue to be part of the team next season and continue to be a brand ambassador for the club.”
 There is currently no mention of hasebe himself retiring from active duty, but if only the club’s official announcement is read, he will retire in the 2020-21 season and become a brand ambassador for Frankfurt. I would like to pay attention to how a famous player with one of japan’s best captaincy will spend his career in his later and second years.