Full House starred in actor’s mother convicted of illegally enrolling two daughters

Full House Starred Actor’s Mother Convicted of Two Daughters In Wrong May 23 at 7:08 AM

A Massachusetts federal court has found a massachusetts federal court guilty of conspiring to defraud a businessman to pay a contractor to enroll her two daughters at a prestigious university.
The convicted defendants were Lori Rocklin, who appeared in the popular American TV drama Full House, and her husband, designer Mosimo Januri.

Rocklin was accused of conspiracy to defraud a contractor who was charged with fraud by paying $500,000 to a contractor who was charged with fraud and paying more than $50 million in Japanese yen to enroll his two daughters at the University of Southern California, which is highly regarded in the college of film.

At the trial, Rocklin had initially pleaded not guilty, but a federal court in Massachusetts pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges of fraud on July 22 after pleading guilty in response to a plea deal with prosecutors.

The sentence is expected to be handed down in August.

Dozens of people, including famous actors and business owners, have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud in a fraud case involving a well-known American university that was discovered last year.