Genki Haraguchi scored his fifth goal of the season in his first match of the season. … Win the game with a dribble shot

Hannover midfielder Haraguchi Genki contributed to a 4-2 victory by scoring a penalty and scoring his fifth goal of the season against Osnabrück in the 27th leg of the Bundesliga second division on 23 July.
 Haraguchi, who started the match, scored a penalty in the penalty area in the 74th minute when he scored a goal from Marvin Duksh. In the 85th minute, when they took a 3-2 lead, they lifted a dribble from the left side in front of the area and sank a shot into the right corner of the goal to score the winning goal.
 Hannover was scheduled to resume the league on The 16th, but the 26th match was postponed because of a positive positive on his opponent Dinamo Dresden. In the first match of the resumption that was delayed by a week, the white star restarted, and the league game won consecutively.
 Haraguchi played until the end minutes and contributed to the victory by scoring his first goal of the season since scoring a penalty and scoring against Greita Fürth on July 1.