Haction Daimao 2020 Episode 7 “I Puta in nursery school” The story of …

TV animation “Haction Daimao 2020” Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television Network, Saturday afternoon half-hour- episode 7 “I tried to put Puuta in the nursery school will be broadcast on May 23.
 Kantaro and Akbi will take care of the baby of triplets from the friend of the mama who goes out to the reunion. The magic does not work for the baby, and the rampage of triplets does not stop though two people who want to borrow the hand of the cat also have the help from the puta which came out of the jar.
 In the midst of this, kantaro and his colleagues, who knew that a new futuristic nursery school would be opened, decided to leave triplets there. Kantaro, who is interested in the facility of managing babies with AI, would like to visit.
 ”Haction Daimao 2020” is the first new work in about 50 years of Tatsunokopro’s TV animation “Haction Daimao”. Set in the present day, The Great Devil’s daughter, Akubi, is depicted as a master in front of The Great Devil, who studies under the grandson of Yodayama Kanichi, the grandson of Yodayama Kantaro, and struggles.