Haruki Murakami “Let’s do our best without looking at each other” on-air music to greet a bright tomorrow in the emergency special program

Tokyo FM’s emergency special program “Murakami RADIO Stay Home Special : Music for Bright Tomorrow” was broadcast on Friday, May 22, in which the writer Haruki Murakami works as a disc jockey.

This program, which will be an emergency special edition of the “Murakami RADIO” series, is a plan that stood up in response to Murakami’s thoughts, “If i could blow away even the harsh situation and painful feelings surrounding the new coronavirus with the power of music.” Over the course of about two hours, we introduced the songs murakami-san had chosen and messages from listeners. In this article, i will introduce an overview of the three songs in the middle.

◆Nina Simon “Here Comes the Sun”

Nina Simon sings “Here Come the Sun”, a masterpiece composed by George Harrison.

It is a recording of 1971. She is also playing the piano. The lyrics are very simple, but the simple music resonates in my heart.

I once ran a 10km race as a visually impaired runner. We were looking for volunteers, so we applied and ran with people completely blind. Connect your hands with strings. I actually ran and found it, but it’s difficult if you don’t get used to running a race with someone you can’t see.

We have to adjust the speed according to the opponent, and we have to communicate the information on the road accurately and quickly. I think that it was a U.S. military airfield in Atsugi that I ran at that time, but the road surface is unexpectedly rough, and it is considerably dangerous. I was careful not to stumble. So I managed to finish the race happily.

At that time, it is serious that the person of the completeblind practice of running though it talked variously by two people before running or running. I don’t always have a runner, so I have to train by myself. I often indulged in myself, “Do you stop running because your body is lazy today?” i heard such a story, and reflected deeply on this.

It’s not “wet in the rain”, but even if you put up a grumbling complaint, it doesn’t solve anything. The only way to do it is to put it away at a pace that i can do, and to devise one by one. It is the same thing to write a novel. Let’s do our best without being able to do each other.’

Carole King “You’ve Got A Friend”

Next is Carole King’s famous song You’ve Got A Friend, your friend. Listen to the version that Carole King himself infused as a demo tape today. Carole King was more famous as a composer than a singer when she was young, and she was busy writing songs for other singers. I make a lot of demo tapes to sell the song. Only the piano or a simple accompaniment is put, and it is made to listen, “It is such a tune”.

But it’s very well done, and when I listen to it, I think it’s good for me to sing, but when I was young, Carole King didn’t think I could be a star. There was a complex in looks. The lyricist and her husband, Jerry Goffin, was handsome and pushed out so strong that she was somehow hiding in the shadows.

But i’m going to make a big break with my album Tapestry.
This “You’ve Got A Friend” is a demo tape for tapestry. I sing only with the accompaniment of the piano that I play. Of course, it’s a demo, so the sound making is rough, but it’s more emotional than the actual album, and there’s something that’s coming up.

Ella Fitzgerald “Over the Rainbow”

There are so many singers singing the famous theme song “Beyond the Rainbow” of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, but I like the version with verses, so I chose this Ella Fitzgerald song. Vass is a prelude before entering the main melody. This song sounds very charming when you come in from Verse. The tenor solo on the way is Plus Johnson. It’s a really good song whenever you listen to it.

Program Name: Murakami RADIO Stay Home Special – Music to greet a bright tomorrow
Broadcast date and time: Friday, May 22, 2020, 22:00-22:55 (PART1), 23:00-23:55 (PART2)
Broadcasting station: TOKYO FM/JFN 38 stations full net
Personality: Haruki Murakami
Program website https://www.tfm.co.jp/murakamiradio/