Haruki Murakami’ radio appearance from his home “Peaceful daily life is as soon as possible”

Haruki Murakami radio appearance from home “Peaceful daily life as soon as possible” May 23 6:34

In an effort to encourage people worried and worried by the spread of the new coronavirus, haruki Murakami, a world-renowned writer, appeared on a radio program from his home study and delivered his own songs and messages.
On “TOKYO FM”, the radio program “Murakami RADIO Stay Home Special : Music for Bright Tomorrow” was organized by Haruki Murakami in an effort to encourage people who are worried and worried by the spread of the new coronavirus.

The program was recorded in murakami’s home study, and Mr. Murakami said, “I think that you are also subjected to various restrictions and have been living inconvenient lives. For all of you, I chose music in my own way that would give me a little bit of energy and a little bit of music that would soften my heart.”

In between the songs, he said, “I don’t think the metaphor of fighting the Corona is like war is correct. It’s not a battle of power to kill each other, it’s a battle of wisdom to make the most of it,” and “If love and compassion aren’t enough, the world after corona is over will surely become a place of too much taste. Love is important.”

For about two hours, Murakami said, “Please pursue something you want so that you don’t lose to coronavirus. I hope that peaceful life will return to the world as soon as possible.”