Hiroki Nomura cancels Koshien in the summer, “If you think about it if you were a senior high school student now”

Hiroki Nomura, who appeared in the Friday Night Special, which aired on The 22nd, referred to high school baseball tournaments that were canceled in the summer.

The Japan High School Baseball Federation decided to cancel the 1st National High School Baseball Championship, which was scheduled to be held this summer. In response to this, Hiroki Nomura said, “It’s a continuation of the selection. If you think about yourself as a third-year high school student, there’s no doubt that it’s hard to imagine. I think there are feelings that i can’t say if I’m sad or frustrated in one word.”

When announcer Masao Shioka talked to him, “What is Koshien for Mr. Nomura?” and Mr. Nomura said, “The first time I went to Koshien was the selection before entering the school. When I went to Koshien for the first time, I remember that it was so big and had goose bumps. I think that the high school baseball player is fighting aiming at there not only me but only me because it was time before entering the school that baseball wanted to do here. I think it’s a place where it’s hard to replace anything.”

(Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night)