Home husband Mitazono: Broadcast a completely new film of remote shooting stay home…

In the fourth season of the drama “Mitazono of The Housekeeper’ Mitazono, starring Masahiro Matsuoka of the popular group “TOKIO”, it was revealed that the first attempt of the drama was to be broadcast on May 23, when the 60-minute complete new work “Special Edition Now, So I Made A New Work” was filmed remotely without face to face.
 In the drama, Kaoru Sanden, a dispatched housekeeper who belongs to the housekeeper’s referral office, notices a secret hidden in the home he is dispatched to, and peels off the skin of the client’s haunting. The story that. Every time, It is also a topic that Sandene shows off the tricks of housework.
 In the special edition, the meeting of the housekeepers of “Musebi housekeeper introduction place” and the exchange with the client progress es sit on the remote screen. In addition, housework techniques that have become a customary, such as how to make vegetables last longer and instant okonomiyaki sauce, will also be broadcast.
 This time, at the “Musabi Housekeeper Referral Office”, which resumed business even though it was not possible to do normal business, Sandenen, who was contracted to do shopping as a business and home delivery of dishes, made and delivered the dishes to his wife, Mariko Shibata, who is alone in the house, because her husband is on a business trip. In fact, his husband, Akihiko Shibata, and Takuma Ono, were in an affair with their company subordinate, Miwako Yoshino, and they were visiting Miku’s room on a business trip.
 Midensees akihiko’s infidelity easily. However, Mariko who was supposed to be in the house disappears, and sandenan will wait for Mariko while answering in an unmanned house at Akihiko’s request. Sandenen, who was searching for a room while cleaning, discovered the secrets of the Shibata family one after another. The mystery of Mariko’s disappearance is solved and reported to Akihiko. Where Mariko disappeared, the fate of Akihiko who did not stay home during the period of self-imposed control is…… It becomes the development that.
 Comments by Kaoru Sanden (Masahiro Matsuoka)
 This time, i was able to make a new work of one hour only by remote image. It became the biggest challenge in history because it was a filming by groping, but i was very excited while maintaining the social distance. Please enjoy it at home.