How to eliminate The Disney Loss, I will teach you the 2nd Disney ‘Cheros’ making at home[With video]

Hello everyone. Yoshida Yoshitoa. Disney Parks Blog has released a recipe for cinnamon sugar churros at disney parks in California and Florida at a time when the effects of the new coronavirus have increased the amount of time spent at home. So this time I’ll report on the recipe because I actually made the classic sweets “Churos” of Disney Park.

Disney loss eliminated by making Cheros

How to make Disney Churos

Completion is here

【Things to prepare】
○ Materials
Water: 240cc
Butter: 98g
Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
Cinnamon: 3/4 teaspoons (separately)
Medium-strength powder: 150g (75g of thin and strong powder is OK)
Eggs: 3 pieces (vegetable oil or canola oil 360cc)
Sugar: 100g

Cooking utensils
Wooden bea
Rubber Bella
Double-sided cooking sheet
Kitchen Paper
Measurement (digital scale)

Here’s what to prepare

【How to make】First of all, fabric making

Put water, butter, salt and cinnamon in a medium-heat pan and bring to a boil.

When it is low heat, add the medium-strength powder. Mix until well firmed in a wood vera, then put the pan on top of the pan for 5-7 minutes and rest the dough after it has been lowered from the heat.

Here, if you use a tree vera, it mixes well.

Add the eggs one by one and stir in the dough.

I put it here one by one without putting three together.

※This time, the egg is put one by one, but it seems to mix it well without separating it after it melts and it divides into three times before mixing it in the dough.

When the dough is settled, mix with rubber vera at the end until the gloss comes out.

When rubber vera is used, uneven mixing disappears, and it is finished neatly.

[How to make 2]molded the fabric in the shape of your choice

Put the oil in a frying pan or pan and leave at 170°C.

Put the dough in a squeezing bag with star-shaped metal fittings.
※Be sure to make the mouth of the squeezing bag a star type. Be careful because there is a possibility that air enters when it is round and the dough bursts.

Twist once on the clasp of the aperture bag so that the dough does not come out from the gap between the metal fittings and the aperture.

It is recommended to form the churros dough on a cooking sheet once it is difficult to make a shape when it is put directly in the oil.

Churos mickey type, minnie type, I also made the character of MICKEY

【How to make】Fry the dough with oil

In the form of churros does not collapse, and it is possible to make it beautifully, i put each cooking sheet in heated oil and fry it.

When churros and paper come up with nature, remove only the paper, while quietly turning it over,
Fry until it is a fox color and take it out on top of the kitchen paper.

【How to make】When cinnamon is sprinkled on fried dough, it is completed.

Put the fried churros in a bat and coat it with sugar and cinnamon.

Please adjust the amount to your liking, such as reducing it to one-third depending on the number of people you eat.

Recipe videos are here

Model: Kana Hatmaki
Photography Cooperation: Nihonbashi Muromachi IPPON

Yoshida Yoshiyoshi (All right)

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