How to make “paper soap” made with kitchen paper, the Metropolitan Police tweeted attention – a voice of convenience in case of emergency

The official account of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Disaster Response Division, which tweets daily about disaster preparedness, @MPD_bousai. I’ve posted “How to make paper soap made with kitchen paper” previously.

Hand washing is strongly recommended as an infectious disease control measures including the new coronavirus. However, the shared hand soap and soap installed in the outdoor toilet are concerned about hygiene. There are many people who say.

It is good for the current time section to wash hands frequently ※Image is an image

Paper soap that can be carried anywhere without getting in the way with a fluent. Please refer to it by all means.

What to prepare

Kitchen paper
Hand soap


(1) Apply hand soap to kitchen paper and extend both sides to the whole
(2) Sun drying outdoors (about 4-5 hours)
Cut into squares of about 5 centimeters vertically and horizontally.

Use it with water like a normal soap and whisk it with the palm of your hand. In the account, “If you put it in a plastic bag, it is convenient for carrying a mobile phone. It seems to be able to use it even if i soak detergent etc. ” and recommended how to use it.

Readers who have seen this post say they want to make it, and “I’ll try it!” It’s super convenient in the event of an emergency.”

As an item to secure hygiene in the event of a disaster, I made it because paper soap to make with kitchen paper was introduced. It is lighter than a normal soap or hand soap and is convenient to carry because it does not bulk up, and it is easy to use it usually when outdoor and going out. Because it is easy, please make it by all means.— Metropolitan Police Department’s Disaster Response Division (@MPD_bousai) January 10, 2019