“I like it” Mr. Light Source” tonight’s final episode “Hikari-kun-bai-bai-hee”!

Actor Yudai Chiba plays the main character, Mr. Light source of “Genji Monogatari”, a series of nhk-so-like dramas Mr. Light Source’s final picture scroll “Hikari-kun- 30 every Saturday at 23:30”. However, it will be broadcast on the 23rd today.

“I like it” Mr. Light Source’s final picture scroll “Hikari-kun Hadai”!

“No one you love is happy,” says Saori Ito, and Ko (Yudai Chiba) lives an awkward life with Saori. To hear the trouble, light invites the lieutenant general kiriyama who is disgusted with the supporting life one day for a drink. Saori, on the other hand, gets a call from Philip, who was missing, and learns how to turn the light back on with a dimensional jump. And, Saori who was told an unexpected thing from the light is shaken for a moment though it tries to tell the light about it after it hesitates.

Based on the comic of the same name in a series of women’s comic magazines, this drama is a comedy that transcends the millennia of laughter while being out of the ordinary. In “Genji Monogatari”, Heian aristocrat and Mr. Yudai Chiba, who lived in the world of Masa, appear in a present age with completely different world views, and are surprised and enjoyed by the gap between the real world and the real world that seems to be taken for granted. It comes to make such a light source live like the pimp, and it is made to be healed by the existence of light gradually though it feels uncomfortable at the start.

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