I’m back for the first time in ten years!! Yes, e-chan! Volume 1

Kawadi MAX “I Did It” One volume of was released today on May 23.
This is the first film in more than 10 years that depicts Tae-chan, the protagonist of the short story “Koro-chan”, which was recorded in Kawadi’s adult manga “Girl Slave School”. Tae-chan treats the stuffed animal and Koro that her mother who had abandoned her as a family. She is usually modest, but she is horribly relentless to those who treat Koro-chan poorly. It is serialized in the monthly comic flapper.
To commemorate the release of the book, a Twitter campaign was held to present koro-chan’s stuffed animals to 10 people by lottery. For more information on how to apply, please check the official website of the monthly comic flapper. In addition, Animators, Gamers, COMIC ZIN, Tora ana, Melon Books, and some bookstores also offered illustrated perks to book buyers.