Japan’s unmanned lunar probe “SLIM” launch postponed for one year

Japan’s unmanned lunar probe “SLIM” launch postponed for 1 year May 23 at 2:19

The Unmanned Lunar Probe “Slim” (Surimu), which plans to land on the moon, has been delayed for a year due to delays in the development of another satellite to be launched together, and will be re-launched in fiscal 2022.

“SLIM” is an unmanned spacecraft of JAXA®Aerospace Exploration Agency, which is planning to land on the moon to demonstrate precise landing technology and to examine moon rocks, and will be launched next year with the H2A rocket next year along with the X-ray observation satellite “XRISM”, jointly developed by JAXA and NASA.

However, the x-ray observation satellite will be working to add new functions to stop the engine urgently, and the launch of “SLIM” will be postponed for one year, and it will be carried out again next year (fiscal year 2022).

The data obtained from SLIM is also expected to be used in the Artemis project, which the United States will send astronauts to the moon again in 2024.