Journalist murdered bereaved ‘forgives murderer’ Saudi Arabia

Journalist Murder Survivor “Forgives Murderers” Saudi Arabia May 23 at 7:49 AM

At the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Turkey, the son of the murdered journalist Jamal Kashoghi posted a statement on Twitter saying he would “forgive those who killed them.” Five people have been sentenced to death in the case, but local media say local customs could spare the death penalty if bereaved families are forgiven.

In October, a local court sentenced five government officials to death for their direct involvement in the killings of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoghi at the Consulate-General of Saudi Arabia in Turkey.

In response, one of his sons, who represents Mr. Kashogi’s family, posted a statement on his Twitter account saying that he had decided to forgive those who had been killed as bereaved families.

The muslim fasting month of Ramadan is due to end soon, and Twitter says it was a re-recognition of the teachings of the Islamic scripture Koran, which claims that forgiveness is important, not retaliation.

Local media have reported that local customs could spare the death penalty if the bereaved families are forgiven.

Mr. Kashogi’s fiancée “no one has the right to forgive a murderer”

In response to the bereaved family’s post, Mr. Kashoghi’s fiancee, Hatije Gengiz, wrote on his Twitter account on March 22, “No one has the right to forgive a murderer. Both the murderer and the person who directed the killing will not forgive. We will not stop until justice is achieved,” he said, calling for the defendant to be punished severely and expressing his determination to continue to appeal for the truth of the case.