JR East and NEC build business support systems utilizing cloud and AI technologies

On March 22, NEC Announced that it has established a business support system utilizing cloud AI technology to enhance information sharing in the operation management division in the event of a transportation failure, as well as to support decision-making and technology succession. The system will begin operation on May 25 for the Tokyo General Command Office in East Japan.

System usage image

Recently, with the improvement of the railway transportation service in the metropolitan area due to an increase in direct operation, while the operation form increases the complexity, the generation change of the command staff has accelerated in the Tokyo General Command Office which manages the train operation. Therefore, in order to maintain and improve transportation quality, it was necessary to improve the mechanism of more effective technology inheritance and the judgment support of the command staff.

As part of the digital transformation in JR East’s operation management division, JR East and NEC jointly implemented “digitization of business know-how”, “construction of cloud-based information sharing infrastructure”, “judgment support, and development of technical succession support functions”.

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In “Digitization of Business Know-How”, we promote natural language analysis and digitization of business manuals and documents related to transportation failures over the past 10 years by utilizing AI technologies, including NEC the WISE (NEC’s state-of-the-art AI technology group). In “Building a Cloud-based Information Sharing Infrastructure,” we will build an information sharing base utilizing various cloud services to promote sharing and visualization of transportation response situations. In “Development of judgment support and technical inheritance support functions”, based on the accumulated digitized data, we have developed a judgment support function to suggest the arrangement content s and lessons of similar events in the past in the event of a transport ation failure, and a technical inheritance support function to use it as educational content at normal times.

Through these initiatives, the company will strive to prevent the expansion of the impact on users by realizing smooth cooperation between relevant points in the event of a transportation failure and supportfor the judgment of command staff. JR East and NEC will continue to expand the use of this system and improve business support functions, aiming to further enhance the operation management business.