Kanagawa Prefectural School to reopen next month in case of lifting the emergency declaration

Kanagawa Prefectural School to resume next month May 23 0:07

The Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education has set guidelines for the reopening of prefectural schools from Next month if the state of emergency declaration is lifted by the end of this month. For the time being, we will take measures to prevent infection, such as distributed school sing-after and time-difference schools, and will be implemented from the end of August.
According to the guidelines for reopening the school from next month, the Prefectural Board of Education will go to school for the first week only for each school year to provide guidance to explain how to proceed with future classes, and in high schools, etc., the classes will be divided into half the classes and distributed from one day to the end of next month.

The number of students per classroom is reduced to about 20 students, and the class is shortened.

After that, we will go to school every day for about two months, but we will continue to go to school and shorten our classes, and we will be returning to normal school from the end of August.

It is up to the school to make the shortening of the summer vacation, but in order to ensure learning opportunities, we are requesting that the number of holidays that are assumed to be from one day to the next should be reduced from one day to the next, and to reduce the number of days from the previous year.

In addition, we expect that club activities will be carried out in high schools from the end of next month, and special needs schools will be phased out from the beginning of July.

Mr. Jiro Kiritani, director of education, said, “It is difficult to return the way of life straight in a dense, close, and enclosed space in a classroom. I would like to respond carefully to the first wave and the second wave.”

The prefectural board of education has requested that municipalities be presented with guidelines and respond to the resumption of elementary and junior high schools in accordance with the actual situation in their respective regions.