Knights show off their stories in social distance New possibilities for manzai at engei grand slam

The “ENGEI Grand Slam” (Fuji TELEVISION) broadcast on May 23, featuring Ninety-Nine, Hiroyuki Yabe and Masayu Matsuoka, is the first day and night in the history of the program. From 16 o’clock, the “ENGEI Grand Slam Matinee” *Kanto Local), in which the performers of expectations have a fresh laugh, will be broadcast from 21 o’clock, “ENGEI Grand Slam Remote”, which brings a gem of a gem.

The most luxurious neta program in Japan, which delivers laughter across genres such as manzai, contortion, and pin art, is held in a different way due to the influence of the new coronavirus. The luxury set which mimicked the stage which can be called the pronoun of the program was done in the audience in order to avoid the secret. About 50 spectators watch the story through a webcam from their home, and the audience’s patterns are projected on to the vision set up on the stage.

In addition, Ninety-nine and Matsuoka also proceed ed from a different space from the set to show off the story. They watch the story live with the performers. In addition, when several people go on stage, both in comic saloons and on the controller, each person takes a social stance and shows off the story. In the case of manzai, it will use two microphones.

This time, the top batter of “Remote” is knights of the talented comic artist. Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, a tsukkomi who took to the stage for the first time in his first social distance, thanked him for his “comic talent as much as possible.” Kenjiro Kawanishi, a Wagyu who watched the Knights stage, commented, “I think this program has discovered new possibilities for manzai.” The performers who agreed with the program concept of “do what we can do now” are very excited about the celebration of laughter.

Pepapa, who is soaring in popularity, offers a gentle laugh that doesn’t hurt anyone who is at the true top. In 2020, R-1 Guranpuri champion Noda Crystal plays his own game on stage. And, the appearance of the side seat start is decided to appear in “Matine” of the part of daytime. Farewell to the first set, along with the light and spread of youth, show off the story of the whole body.

In addition to the program, “ENGEI Quiz”, which hits a total of 100 people who were popular last time with a QUO card worth 10,000 yen, was also held. You can read the QR code displayed on the screen on the broadcast, or participate via the program’s official website, and you will have the chance to apply for each question you answer to the quiz that will be asked five times in the broadcast.