Koji Kato, Kazuko Shimazaki and others drink remotely The secret story of the meat dish that Ken Shimura loved is “the best restaurant in life”

“The Best Restaurant of Life”, which aired on May 23, is published every Saturday at 23:30, “Let’s connect with home drinks Special edition”, mc’s Koji Kato, Kazuko Shimazaki, who plays the landlady, and others will hold a drinking party by connecting remotely.

Kato is the MC, Shimazaki is the landlady, and the announcer Uga jin Meg is an assistant, and this program digs deep ly ei from the topic of food to the life of the guest, and it is a gourmet talk variety which approaches the charm. On the same day, shigeo Takahashi and Savannah will also appear as regular customers.

This snack is the best meat dish carefully selected from all 1,155 dishes introduced in the program so far. A delicious story is developed filled with the life of Ken Shimura, Jimon Teramon, Tetsuro Dekawa, Matsuya Onoe, and Moriizumi. Especially, the secret story that the deep bond between Shimura and the shopkeeper before it dies is revealed for the first time in the meat dish that Mr. Shimura loved.