Koshien cancellation in the summer Movement of holding the tournament independently in Koyaren in various places

Koshien cancellation in summer May 23, 21:05

In response to the cancellation of the national high school baseball and local tournaments in the summer, the High School Baseball Federation slated to hold its own tournaments in Okinawa and Saga Prefecture on Sunday, and the movement to prepare the tournament as the culmination of high school students in the local Takanoren is progressing.
Due to the new coronavirus, the national high school baseball and preliminary tournaments were canceled this summer, and the movement to hold an alternative tournament in Koyaren in various places to set up a venue for the games that will be the culmination for the first graders.

In addition to the decision to hold their own tournaments in Nagasaki Prefecture and Takanoren in Chiba Prefecture, Koyaren in Okinawa and Saga Prefecture sat on the extraordinary board meetings to hold their own competitions.

Of these, okinawa prefecture will play a tournament game every Saturday and Sunday from July 4, and the final will be held in August.

Whether or not to put the audience in is to judge the situation of infection.

Saga Prefecture will conduct a tournament system mainly on Saturdays and Sundays from July 11, and will not hold the opening ceremony as an anti-infection measure, but we will continue to consider whether to include spectators while listening to the opinions of the people concerned.

Mr. Yoshitomi, chairman of The KoyaRen, Saga Prefecture, said, “I think the baseball players had a hard time canceling the senbatsu of spring and Koshien in the summer, but we want to make it a tournament where all that thoughtcan be swept.”

In addition, The Koyasen in Akita Prefecture will not hold the opening ceremony because of the policy of holding its own tournament. In addition, it is to consider what to do about the admission of parents and school officials, etc. in the future while making no spectator a principle.