Lotte Sasaki, the person i respect is Ichiro-san.

Lotte announced on 23 May that it had received 1,081 questions and answered 54 questions after practice at ZOZO Marine Stadium when the team’s official Instagram team asked questions about pitcher Sasaki From 12:00 to 13:00 on May 17.

The answer is as follows.

(1) Please tell me the person who you respect
“Mr. Ichiro. I respect it. I watched the retirement game on TV. I watched it on TV, hoping that i would hit it all the time. I didn’t watch it until the retirement press conference, but I watched ichiro come out of the bench after the game, and i was wondering if he would come out on the ground. What do you like? It’s a place where you shut things up with the results. It produces the result firmly and shuts the surroundings. It’s cool to talk about everything in the results, and I long for it.”

(2) What training is you putting into force? (Former teammate of Ofunato High School)
“It’s a wade and a trunk. It is a question from the teammate. I mean, these questions directly, but I think i should do it” (laughs)

Why do you go to Fujiwara’s room when you don’t have any business?
I have something to do.

(4) What is fujiwara’s episode?
“In the past, the room was so messy that we decided to clean it together. It took me two hours, but I thought it was beautiful. I sent a photo of biforafter to Mr. Kajiwara unintentionally. Mr. Kajiwara also said, “It’s a great place to be. It’s going to be so beautiful! I was saying that.”

Do you do “Atmori” that you owe from Fujiwara?
I’m sorry. I haven’t had a chance to do it, so I haven’t done much.”

(6) What was your feeling sway when you were at the draft meeting?
“I was nervous. I was wondering where it would be decided.”

(7) If you were to be a boyfriend as a woman, who would you like?
“Mr. Futaki. He’s cool and very nice.)

(8) What kind of person is Mr. Iizuka from Narashino High School to Waseda University?
“It’s interesting to be the type that doesn’t scare you.”

(9) Please tell me the hard thing in the dormitory.
“The time of the meal is decided firmly, and the restroom is far from my room.

(10) I’d like to have a PR for Ofunato, please.
“Is it best to be used to living there? It’s not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter. Everyone may have the impression that the snow is terrible, but unexpectedly, it doesn’t snow. I think it’s the warmer one in Tohoku.”

(11) If you were in college, what kind of department would you like to go to?
“When I was choosing a career path, I chose science. I was also interested in physical education teachers and trainers, but I was rather a science student. My favorite subject is baribari mathematics. Where is the faculty? Is it the Faculty of Engineering? The most weak part was the Japanese language. Modern sentences and classics. The classics were bad anyway.”

(12) What is the episode of Kuniho Director of Ofunato High School?
“I love carbonated drinks and fast food, so I took the initiative to drink and eat. The gap was great because my predecessor was the opposite and i wanted to drink carbonated drinks.

Is there anything i can do to be tall?
“It’s a matter of standing out. I don’t want to stand out, so I’m going to end up with a cat. That’s how I’m a cat.”

(14) How much have you eaten?
“I’ve never eaten it. I didn’t have that opportunity. By the way, I’ve never eaten morioka cold noodles.”

(15) What are you doing in the dormitory?
“I’m watching a drama. Masami Nagasawa’s recent “Confidence Man”

(16) Favorite type of woman?
“A person with a sense of transparency and white”

Do you fish?
“I don’t. But I want to do it. I’ve heard that fishing in the seas rivers and tigers west. I want you to take me someday.”

(18) Have you been in contact with Okukawa?
“I do line and stuff. I haven’t received a reply easily, but i’m laughing.

(19) What kind of senior is Takabe?
“When I was in the dormitory, i was having trouble building a TV stand, and they helped me. It was hard, so it really helped.”

Do you like the seagull egg of Ofunato specialty?
I like it.

(21) Draw Doraemon
“It’s ♪ to be marukara, isn’t it? 」

(22) Please tell me the comic srecommended
“I don’t read many comics. Anime is the royal road of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Conan, etc. I also watched majors, diamonds, and baseball anime a lot.”

(23) Do you speak Spanish?
“My teammates, foreign players, talk in Spanish, so I’ve been taught a little bit. I want to be able to communicate more and more.”

(24) How long do you sleep?
“It’s about 23 to 24 now. When I was a junior high school student, I was 22. In high school, i was late at the end of the practice, so it was about 24 o’clock.”

(25) Were lotte fans at Ofunato High School?
“Lotte fans weren’t there. But I believe everyone is a Lotte fan now.”

(26) Who calls “Sataro”?
“No one’s saying that, is it? Mr. Kajiwara

(27) What kind of person is Toshisa Sato?
“I’m not a baseball player. It is gentle. They play well.”

What kind of practice was hard in high school?
“It was okay to practice together, but the practice by myself was mentally tough.”

(29) Did you talk to Ogino or Kiyota?
“We haven’t been able to talk much yet. It’s adult people.

(30) Do you miss any food you missed in Kanto?
“There is vinegar made at a soy sauce shop in Ofunato called “Vinegar”, but it is very sour. Once you get used to this, ordinary vinegar is not enough. I put the crab on vinegar and ate it. The rest is meko-chan jelly. I think this is probably only in Iwate.”

(31) I heard that you came to see the Chiba Lotte Marines championship parade in 2010, do you have any memories?
“I can’t see the parade itself. I remember watching the stadium and buying a ball from Tsuyoshi Nishioka at a goods shop. That year, Nishioka hit 200 hits and was very impressive. At that time, there was a strange sense of becoming a professional baseball player in the stadium now because it did not think that it was a professional. Do you still have the ball? Unfortunately, it was swept away by the tsunami at the time of the earthquake. However, the memories of that time remain firmly in my heart.”

(32) What is your favorite dish for your mother’s homemade dishes?
“It’s a hamburger. Tofu is in it with meat. It is so delicious that i can’t eat the hamburger steak in the shop. It is the best when I put a special sauce with delicious and i put it on it. They always made a lot of it and ate as much as they wanted to eat.”

(33) Please tell me the dog you have at your parents’ home.
“Three and a half year old toy poodle. It is a male lamb. I have kept it from Golden Week when I was a freshman in high school. Lamb and I have the same birthday! That’s why we always have birthday parties together. It’s cute.

(34) Please tell me the game you are addicted to recently
Is it a tumtum?

(35) What is the best record for Tsumutsum?
“It’s about 20 million. I’m using Yoda! 」

(36) What kind of games do you always play with Wada?
“It’s SSB. I’m Kirby and Wada is Yoshi. Kirby is easy to use. By the way, Fujiwara-san is Bowser. He uses only strong characters. Mr. Wada is really good. We lost the game. I have the impression that Fujiwara-san is winning with his character.

(37) Will there be a baseball game?
“I’ve been doing power pro since I was a kid. I played with Wada before. I have pride in being good at power pro, so I asked Wada to use all-pacific. I’m Chiba Lotte Marines. The All Pacific was really strong (laughs) and we lost.”

(38) Please tell me that you came here and suffered a culture shock.
“I’m not so shocked by the culture because it came out step by step. I dare say that the Shinkansen is running nearby. It runs next to Urawa Stadium. It takes more than an hour and a half by car from my parents’ house to the shinkansen station. I think that it is early to cross the prefecture. In Iwate, it takes three or four hours by car.”

(39) What is the grip?
“About 65 on the right and 60 on the left.”

(40) What is your favorite TV program?
“Downtown Wednesday”

(41) Tell us about your memories of your high school trip (from a teammate of Ofunato High School and a classmate)
“I went to Kansai in high school. I remember being overwhelmed by Kinkakuji Temple. It was the first time I was so overwhelmed by architecture. I thought, “Wow, that’s great.”

(42) Where did you go on your school trip?
“I went to Tokyo for junior high school and elementary school in Sendai. Is it a sky tree that is memorable in junior high school? Disney went too.”

(43) What kind of person is Sasaro?
“It’s serious. I think it’s a bright one. It’s tough on people. Of course, it is tough for me. It’s the type of person who says no things are good.”

(44) Do you fold and put laundry? Do you want to wear it while it’s dried?
“Great place to be”

(45) Please tell me your favorite entertainer.
“Mr. Sandwichman, Mr. Zakiyama, Hiroya Yamazaki, And I like Mr. Jinnai.”

(46) Are you not good at hot weather?
“It’s very hot, so it’s better to be cold. Even in winter, you can wear thin clothes.”

Do you have sunburn?
“I’m going to get sunburned. Just turn white soon. It’s so fair.)

(48) What is your favorite sushi story?
It’s tuna.

(49) What color do you like?
“The gloves are yellow or red. But unexpectedly, I like sober colors. Khaki or gray.

(50) What does the room look like?
“I’m going to ask you a question, but the room is blue to calm down. When you look at the blue, it seems to settle down.”

Do you like nori in Kansai?
“I think it’s very good when you want to get excited. Kajiwara-san is the same, but to be honest, it’s hard to be sure to ask for a story. When I’m talking and i’m disappointed because I don’t have a lot of fun, I think the world isn’t the only one in the world.”

(52) What kind of existence is Mr. Kajiwara? The homeroom teacher? Senior? Director? Dad? Brother?
“Isn’t all that true? If you dare say it, is it your brother?”

(53) What is your impression of Toritani?
“We haven’t been able to talk yet. It’s a great aura. I’m overwhelmed.”

(54) What would you like to ask if you saw the shooting star?
“I’ve always decided to ask for world peace when I see shooting stars. That’s what I’ve been thinking since I was little. I think peace is the best. I haven’t seen shooting stars yet, but I’ve always wanted to hope for world peace when I see shooting stars. Of course, I hope even if the shooting star doesn’t flow.