Masahiro Nakai confirms his age at a remote drinking party ” The worst if it is dried like this”

Masahiro Nakai, a talent, took on the challenge of the first remote drinking party of his life on the Japanese TV variety program “New Japanese Boys and Nakai” which aired at midnight on The 22nd.

This time, the remote drinking party with the editor Minowa Atsuko who frequently held a remote drinking party, and the university student who is an online salon member of Mr. Minowa, and the remote drinking party. Nakai started by showing resistance, saying that he was not good at it.

When Mr. Minowa said, “Let’s drink,” Nakai said, “Wait a minute. Can I see your insurance card or your driver’s license? It’s the worst thing i can do if I’m dried like this.” When i confirmed that I was 20 years old, I said, “It’s okay. Let’s drink.”

Nakai then answered questions from college students, and answered questions such as “What is it to work for?” and “What is being considered as an MC?” It talked deeply though it was wobbly, and Mr. Minowa was excited with “It becomes one book only by this” and “It is a very valuable story”.

The university students participated from their parents’ home in Ishikawa Prefecture. When asked about that, Nakai said, “Is it possible for children in Ishikawa Prefecture to participate? I thought it was a system that wasn’t bad for a while.”