Masahiro Nakai, “It’s hard” to cancel koshien in the summer seek relief

Masahiro Nakai, a talent, appeared on TV Asahi’s “Nakai Masahiro’s News Party” which aired on 23Rd every Saturday at 12:00-13:26. He mentioned that the summer Koshien tournament was canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

TV Asahi

Nakai, who is known as an ardent baseball fan, said, “It’s hard. This is not known only to the parties. However, all inter-high sit-ins other than baseball have been canceled.” “The prefectural convention is about to start. It’s a schedule, isn’t it? Securing a stadium. Securing the venue in case of postponement. I have a reservation.”

When asked if he was a high school baseball boy, he said, “I can’t stand it. I want to do anything.” “But i think if you think about the risks of a cluster occurring in the dormitory, such as the spread of infection, i think it’s not possible to do it.”

And he said, “I think the NPB will think of some kind of relief. If only the person who is playing baseball does not know, I want the professional baseball player of the longing to move” expectation. “It’s not just about baseball. I want adults to squeeze their wisdom in some way. We can only call out, but we have sacrificed a lot for this period.”