Meet arp members live with you 11/1 (Sun) Fanmi

The event of the TV anime “ARP Backstage Pass” which ended airing in March “ARP Fan Meeting Autumn Business Trip School Festival SP!”. the holding of the decided.

ARP is a dance vocal group created by the latest AR technology, and is a project to deliver state-of-the-art live entertainment by the best artists with perfect singing ability, dance performance, and beauty by bringing together voice castvoice voice actors and singers, actors and dancers, and AR engineers to perform live in real time.
Uchida Akiyoshi , who is known for producing popular games such as “Tokiki Memorial” and “Love Plus”, was a comprehensive producer and started working on the program in 2016. On stage, ar artists in front of you perform in real time and interact with fans. In January 2020, a TV animation was broadcast.

The event, which will be held on November 1st, will be full of live talk, games, and other content that members can enjoy live. Live scenes that attracted a lot of attention in anime will also be screened.

One priority application ticket that is included with blu-ray/DVD volume 1 released on May 27, you can pre-apply for up to one performance or two of the first or second performances.