Michiya Nakamura, the first MC in the variety, the love of animals exploded Even in remote recording,

Actor Michiya Nakamura is broadcasting on May 28 at 19 o’clock “A Blow Elucidation Variety Variety” It was found that he was the first MC to be on The Nippon Television Network. Nakamura participated remotely due to the influence of the new coronavirus. After the recording, he talked about his impressions of appearing on the show.

The program is “I don’t know well if you ask me “I don’t understand even if I hear a long and difficult explanation. A new sense variety that vividly elucidates the thing in one photograph. The first series was broadcast in September last year, and this will be the first golden advance. This time, The Panelists, Irumi Airu, Kazlaser, Tetsuro Dekawa, R. Matsumaru, Andi Watanabe participated, and presenters Masatoshi Kobayashi, So Takei and Naomi Trauden appeared. In addition to the progress of The Announcer Takinatsuki, Nakamura challenges mc for the first time.

In past broadcasts, nakamura, who is a favorite animal lover in the entertainment world, also presented “photos that show the origin of the different names of animals at a glance”, including “X-ray photos that show the reason why penguins walk at a glance” and “predatory photos of alligators where the food chain can be seen at a glance.” In addition, the original commentary which is not in the script was put out by ad lib about the shock photograph introduced one after another in the program, and the animal love was proven.

This time, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, it became a recording that took a good distance, and Nakamura himself appeared remotely from the office rather than the studio of Nippon Television. Nakamura was baptized as a remote recording of the first MC suddenly, but it was the first time to be calm and calm, and it became the recording of the smile from beginning to end.

The program also has a lot of corners, such as “one shot elucidation” that introduces one after another of the shock photos that can be seen at a glance, and “Glance Championship”, in which entertainers present special photos with heat. If you think that Matsumaru introduced “photographs that show the future in 10 years at a glance”, Trauden presented “new facts of the universe that was discovered by the latest technology”, and it was very exciting.

After the recording, Nakamura said, “It was quite difficult to talk remotely on top of my first MC, but I hope it will be an interesting program because it has been very supportive of Taki-san and the panelists.”