Miho Nakai × Yasunami Suzuki 20s “At that time, it was a time when Mr. Yasunami Suzuki was in a state of disuse. (laughs)

BAR “SPEAKEASY” was open secretly in the age of prohibition. In 2020, there was such a secret BAR in the city of Tokyo. “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” opens at 1 a.m. on Monday through Thursday. Big guests from all over the world come and talk about talking only here, or not.

Tokyo FM’s program “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” on May 18, the customers are free announcer Miho Nakai and actress Honami Suzuki. “The story that can only be told here” by two people who are great best friends

From left: Miho Nakai and Yasunami Suzuki

◆ Mini Theater and U2 Concert … The Youth of two people

Miho Suzuki: Did you like theater since you were a college student?

Nakai: When I was in college, I was watching people around me buy ing tickets. When I got a job, I couldn’t see the play at once.

Suzuki: We used to go out together when we were young, but we didn’t talk about plays at all.

Nakai: I feel like we’ve talked about the movie. A mini-theater movie. After all, at that time, Mr. Yasunami Suzuki was in a state of disingall.

Suzuki: It’s like an enemy around you.

Nakai: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, It’s very natural, and I’m much slower to arrive because I often meet at a station or something. And, when i go, Younami-chan is standing on the pillar of the station wearing a hat while reading a book. I feel like we went to a u2 concert together.

The reunion is on the way to Shinjuku Southern Theater.

Nakai: There was a time when I didn’t see Pocan after a while, and i saw Honami-chan for the first time in a long time in a place like a corridor on the way to Shinjuku Kinokuniya Southern Theater.

Suzuki: Yes, I wonder what i went to see.

Nakai: I think that’s probably the performance of Hisashi Inoue’s work, and there were people i know about it, and i went to see it. Until then, I didn’t have the impression that Honami-chan was a theater viewer.

Suzuki: But i’m from that kind of industry.

Nakai: That’s right. I’ve done stage.

Suzuki: Only once. And i played “Love Letters” (1996) once. When I was young, I didn’t really understand the fun of the stage.

Nakai: All the actresses on stage are young now, aren’t they?

Suzuki: It’s great, isn’t it? I wonder if I’ve come to understand the fun of the stage as I get older.

◆The problem of presbyopia approaching the person who likes reading…

Nakai: Honami’s image is that I like Celtic literature rather than theater. The impression that it is a person who often reads the book.

Suzuki: That’s right. However, the paperback and the character are small, and it is not possible to read gradually. It’s like taking out a paperback quickly when we meet, but now a little bit of a big deal.

Nakai: I understand. Yoko Nogami, who was co-starring in the TV Morning Nikkei series “The Scent of Travel,” used to say that. I went to the bar and said a lot because I can’t see the menu, and I thought “poor thing”, but recently I was like, “Oh, that was it.”

Suzuki: I’m coming to everyone.

Nakai: Well, iPad or e-books can make the character bigger.

Suzuki: But the iPad is not big.

Nakai: Ahaha. I still want to touch the paper. I feel like I’m going to touch the feel of the paper and read it on.

Suzuki: Yes. The thickness of the book that has changed.

Nakai: I’m almost there. That’s good. After all, the book is a school to read on paper.

◆Yasunami Suzuki re-recognizes that she likes her job as an actress

Nakai: The stage is good, isn’t it? I don’t feel like going out at all.

Suzuki: I thought it was interesting for Miho-chan. When I’m watching the stage, I think, “Oh, what happens if I do this?” or “I want to be here.” It’s like a child who wants to be in a favorite picture book.

Nakai: I’m an actress after all.

Suzuki: For example, a friend of mine, who is making wine in France, loves the stage so much that he comes back to Japan to watch the stage. I also wonder why I don’t want to perform when I like the stage so much. But when she says, “Honami-chan, why don’t you make wine when you like wine so much? It says. I think that’s what it is.

Nakai: I wonder if i can enjoy it or not because of the relationship between where I am, or whether I can enjoy it.

Suzuki: When I think about it, I’ve been very at a loss as to whether I should continue working as an actress, but when I watch stages, movies, and dramas, I definitely think,”Wow, i like this, this is interesting” or “When I get in here.” That’s why I really like this job and want to do it. I think you weren’t the one who made the wine. I like to drink good wine made by people.

Nakai: Wine is like a pleasure, it’s like having fun.

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