“Mitazono of the Housekeeper” 60 minutes completely new work in remote photography “The biggest challenge ever”

The tv Asahi drama “Mitazono of The Housekeeper”, starring Masahiro Matsuoka of the idol group TOKIO, will air a full 60-minute full-time film based on remote photography that the performers do not meet face-to-face every Friday at 23:15.*

Kei Inoo from top left, Masahiro Matsuoka, Marie Iitoyo/ Atsuko Hirata from the bottom left, Harumi Shuma, Miko Yoki – TV Asahi

“I’ve made a new work now because it’s a special edition,” this time, the meetings of housekeepers and housekeepers of “Musebi Housekeeper Introduction Office”, including Matsuoka’s “I’ve made a new work”, are also remote, and the interaction with my client, Akihiko Shibata, Takuma Ono, and Mitazono, will all proceed in one screen.

The screenplay is the one kneaded up during this self-imposed period, and the world is reflected with this, and the likeness of ‘Mitazono of the housekeeper’ is scattered everywhere more than usual.

Mitazono, played by Matsuoka, said, “This time, we were able to make a new work for one hour with only remote images. It became the biggest challenge in history because it was a filming by groping, but i was very excited while maintaining the social distance. Please enjoy it at home.”