Miyawaki Sakiyoshi talks about the ideal confession “It’s too special, but it’s too special”

Japan-Korea Joint Girls Group IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakiyoshi revealed the ideal confession situation on the radio program “Tonight, Under the Sagara Tree” which aired at midnight on 20th.

Miyawaki Sakiyoshi

In the program, a high school student listener in one of the thoughts of a love consultation and “Is there an ideal confession situation?” The question was sent by e-mail.

Miyawaki said, “For example, on the way home together, I said, “I like it, but can you go out with me?” I mean, it’s best to say straight. I think girls are definitely happier to say it with a straight ball simply than a roundabout way of saying it,” kippari said.

He continued, “My ideal confession situation is too special,” and then said, “As we are playing battle royal games online together, we want our opponents to be very strong. And, the moment we won the first place and the first place, I would be happy if you confessed that we’ll win the first place together in the future.

Miyawaki said, “I’m too special, but I usually think it’s better to say it directly, so please do your best. I’m rooting for you.”