More than 50 cartoonists, including Mr. Tabutiya, draw the daily life of corona evil.

Manga Day to Day, a project to relay short comics set in the influence of the new Coronavirus by more than 50 manga artists, will start on June 15 on Comic DAYS and a special Twitter account.

Currently, more than 50 popular novelists on the literary news site “TREE” have published a series of relay series “Day to Day”, which writes novels and essays on stage after April 1, 2020, for readers who live a variety of restricted lives, and it has become a hot topic not only in Japan but also in overseas media. This project is a cartoon version.

As with the novel version “Day to Day”, from April 1, 2020, manga artists are in charge of each day, and each wrote short comics with their own thoughts.
It will be released for free one episode a day on “Comic DAYS” and Twitter, and it will be delivered to the reader widely.

Prior to the full-scale start of the month, the top batter, “Evil Soul”, set on April 1, 2020, is being released on the “MANGA Day to Day” Twitter account.

In order to leave the way people’s lifestyles change and the situation changes every day, not only for readers living today, but also for those who live 100 years later and 200 years from now, we plan to make a book in early 2021.
We are also considering publishing a special book that includes a novel and a comic version at the same time.

▲The beginning of “Evil Soul” drawn by Mr. Tibateya