Mr. Ibata and Tetsuto Yakult Yamada said, “I hope to have triple three this year”

Hirokazu Ibata, a Nippon Broadcasting Show-Up Night commentator who is currently appearing in the “Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night Special Tokyo Yakult Swallows Opening Message”, mentioned Tetsuto Yakult Yamada.

Mr. Ibata said of Yamada, “I’m tired of hearing triple three against Yamada. I want them to do 40-40, which is not Japanese. However, if we have a small number of matches, we would expect a triple triple this year.”

Yamada had won the home run king and the stolen base king in the year, but Ibata said, “I have the image that the home run batter is slow somehow, but he overturned it.”

(Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night)