“My favorite entertainer is laughed at when I say Jiro Sato”… Jiro Sato to the confession of a high school girl “The reaction of the friend is correct 」

Tokyo FM’s tv program “Good Room Net presents Sato Jiro Good Room Jiro” in which actor Jiro Sato works as a personality. Sato becomes the landlord of “Good Room Giraud”, and the listener becomes a resident, and answers the trouble and the doubt of every day. On Saturday, May 23, the landlord, Sato, responded to a message from a resident.

Jiro Sato of Personality

◆A high school girl who likes Jiro Sato is strange.

“I love Jiro Sato, but when I ask my high school friends about their favorite entertainers, i think they’re all about Johnny’s and LDH’s names. When asked, “Jiro-san If you answer that, you will be laughed at for some reason. It’s not about the story, it’s serious. 17-year-old woman

In this message, Sato said, “Your friend’s reaction… Correct answer! I answered immediately. “After all, i was like to be a 17-year-old high school student, “Who is your favorite entertainer? I heard, “Jiro Sato If I say that, i’ll laugh too.”

And he said, “What are you talking about?!! I’m laughing,” he said, “this is the correct answer to be laughed at. It’s good, it’s about making people smile. It’s better to laugh than to be nasty to your friends. Please take it positively, either to be laughed at or to make you laugh. Thank you! She seemed to be happy to support her.

◆The most favorite taste with “good stick” is

“Do you like sweets? I still like sweets, and I’m happiest when I buy a good stick for adults.” – 28-year-old woman

Sato, a big drinker, doesn’t eat sweets very much, but comments, “I really like the atmosphere of the candy store.” Just the other day, when my son was eating sweets that looked like “sauce senbei”, he said that he had gotten a little bit of it and said, “It was delicious.”

By the way, in the “good stick” known for its rich variety of flavors, Sato’s favorite taste is “consistent for a long time. It’s a messy taste! He insisted on his taste with a loud voice.

The program accepts messages from residents. Please send us a call from the program web site.

Please look forward to the broadcast of the next May 30th .

Program Name : Good Room Net presents Jiro Sato Good Room Jiro
Broadcast date: Every Saturday 11:00-11:25
Personality: Jiro Sato
Program website https://www.tfm.co.jp/jiro/