Narita Airport Imports increase disinatiable chinese masks, etc.

Narita Airport Increase in Imports of Chinese Masks, Etc. May 23, 12:03

Last month’s trade at Narita Airport was the largest on record in April, with exports declining for the second consecutive month, while imports increased significantly, including masks from China, resulting in the effects of the new coronavirus.
According to Tokyo Customs, the export value of Narita Airport last month decreased by more than 13.3% compared to the same month last year, due to a decrease in medical equipment for the United States and cosmetics for China, and remained at just over 750 billion yen.

On the other hand, imports increased by 0.8% to nearly 1.6 trillion yen, the largest since Showa 54 in April.

Of these, imports of masks and other products were about 15 billion yen, nearly six times higher than in the same month last year, and the number of Chinese products, including Hong Kong and Macau, increased by about 20 times.

Due to the new coronavirus, narita airport has been importing masks using passenger aircraft cargo compartments since March, so the Tokyo Customs Narita Customs Branch is expected to have this effect.

Tokyo Customs Narita Customs Branch said, “Economic activity has resumed in each country, and we would like to keep an eye on the status of air freight in the future.”