New possibilities for the long-established tile brand The charm of pottery that gives off the expression of the silver

“DUNLOP presents Mirai Picture Book”, a program by Miho Yoshida, is a personality. We introduce the beautiful scenery of Japan, the traditions passed down in the community, and the people who work with their will, and the “human, mono, koto”, who want to connect to children living on earth 100 years from now. On Saturday, May 16, we interviewed Yasuhiro Ichinose, president of icci KAWARA PRODUCTS, a tile brand, about “Ibushi Silver Pottery”.

The charm of the tile to people all over the world

Ibushi silver is a match with a bitterness rather than the gorgeousness of the appearance.

The depth that does not get tired is attractive, but the japanese tile to pay attention this time. By baking without touching the oxygen, the color of “Ibushi silver”, which is beautiful in the mat, is born.

“I want people all over the world to know the beautiful silver of the tiles that Japan is proud of.” From this in mind, the tile workmen living in Yamanashi Prefecture are getting popular with silver pottery such as coffee drippers, mugs, and art figurines in the rubble.

The beauty of the mat only in the tile

Icci KAWARA PRODUCTS, a 100-year-old tile brand, was born to pursue new possibilities for tiles by creating products that are not only familiar to roofs but also by creating familiar products.

“Young people have only a feeling of being on the roof with tiles, so I want them to pick it up first, have them see it, use it, and check the texture,” says Ichinose.

He says that he found it difficult to have a part of the building that is taken for granted and the roof.

First of all, I want young people to think that the tiles are cool. Icci KAWARA PRODUCTS products have this kind of thought.

Japan’s unique “Ibushi Silver” on the table

Ichinose took over the family business at the age of 22. At one point, he said that when he saw the streets of Kyoto, he was proud that the culture of rubble was firmly rooted in Japanese history.

“The goodness of the tiles is that we’ve created a japanese landscape, isn’t it? First of all, when we got a product from icci KAWARA PRODUCTS and we thought we wanted to build a house, if the tiles were close to us, it would be one of the options. That’s what I’m thinking.”

Icci KAWARA PRODUCTS is a bridge to convey the appeal of Japan’s proud building materials, “Tile”, and is also a place for the pursuit of new possibilities.

Why don’t you take one of the “Ibushi silver” into your immediate vicinity?

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