New vaccine approved for cervical cancer

New Vaccine Approved for Cervical Cancer May 23 at 4:03 AM

A new vaccine to prevent infection with the virus that causes cervical cancer is expected to be approved by the state. There will be a separate discussion on whether or not the subject of “regular vaccinations” at public expense will be held separately.
The approval was approved by the pharmaceutical company’s “Silgard”, which was filed by pharmaceutical company MSD, a vaccine that prevents infection with viruses that cause cervical cancer.

The ministry’s council on 22 nd indicated the direction of approval.

Cervical cancer viruses have different types, but compared to the two vaccines already sold in the country, this vaccine is said to be effective in preventing infection with more types of viruses.

With regard to vaccines already sold, it has become the subject of “regular vaccinations” to be inoculated at public expense in the Heisei Period, but it will soon be a year after the government temporarily halted the call for active inoculation due to a series of people complaining of physical pain.

The new vaccine was approved after five years after a pharmaceutical company applied for this vaccine in Heisei 27.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said it took a long time to review the review because it had conducted more careful confirmation based on the circumstances of the past.

It is expected to be formally approved after a month or so of procedures, but there will be a separate debate as to whether it will be subject to “regular vaccinations” at public expense.