Nogizaka 46-46-hour TV- Online interview, today’s delivery Yuki Yoda “…

The idol group “Nogizaka 46” announces the broadcast of the special program “Nogizaka 46 Hours TV” to convey the pattern of the online interview “Abema exclusive broadcast nogizaka 46 member large set The 46-minute online press conference “Nogizaka 46-minute TV” will be broadcast exclusively on “Abema” from 10 p.m. on May 23.
 The interview was held using the web conferencing service “Zoom”, and 45 members participated. The captain, Midami Akimoto, and Minami Umezawa were the moderators, and the program’s corner was announced. Yuki Yoda also said, “I turned 20 on May 5th. I’d like to do my best to be able to “get out of the way”, he said, expressing his enthusiasm for the program and commenting on the enthusiasm that the members put on their respective corners. In addition, Erika Ikuta, Miona Hori, and Haruka Kaki revealed the state of their private lives while they were out and about. Mai Shiraishi, who is announcing her graduation, did not participate in the interview, and Akimoto published a message from Mr. Shiraishi.
 ”Nogizaka 46 Hours TV” started in 2016, and this is the fourth time. The program tells the state that Nogizaka 46 challenges various plans by 46 hours live broadcast. It will be exclusively distributed on “Sei” from 1p.m.