Odakyu Electric Railway Develops SNS for Self-Governing Association and Neighborhood Association – Demonstration Experiment in Hadano City

Odakyu Electric Railway recently announced that it will develop “Ichino Ichi”, a social network for the autonomous association and neighborhood association, and start a demonstration experiment at the autonomous association in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture from July.

Image of Communication by “Ichi no Ichi”

“Ichinoichi” becomes sns which intends to digitize the transmission of information in the circulating board and the bulletin board etc. as one group, and to transmit information in two directions quickly between the self-governing body, the neighborhood association, the resident, the local shop, and the city hall, etc.

It also provides a safety registration function and provides disaster prevention information, such as the opening of a shelter in the event of a disaster, and there is also an advantage that it can speed up the provision of information in case of emergency. Community management is carried out by the operator of the community association and the neighborhood association. We aim to solve problems such as the lack of supporters of the self-governing association and the neighborhood association, the complexity of the circulating board, the dilution of the connection with the region centering on the young person, and the social isolation of the elderly. The name “Ichinoichi” is named after “1-chome 1st street”, which means the top priority.

The demonstration experiment will be conducted from The Day of The Moon to The Day of The Month, and the community association in Hadano city will be conducted to verify the sharing of local information and the revitalization of local communities in the community association. Residents of the eligible autonomous association can join the community by registering their email address, name and address.