Osaka Live House seeks guidelines for continuing to request closures

Osaka Live House Requests Continuing Guidelines for ClosureS May 23 at 4:09 AM

Even after the state of emergency was lifted, live houses continued to be closed as a facility with a mass infection called clusters. The manager of a live house in Osaka city said, “I would like you to show certain guidelines as soon as possible on what kind of measures can be taken to resume business.”

The live house “Singing Fish” in Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, has been closed since March and has been temporarily closed since July.

In the popular live performance, about 100 people enter, but there is no income at all, fixed expenses of 60 to 700,000 yen per month such as rent and labor costs, and the difficult management situation continues.

Shingo Morimoto, the store’s owner, said, “I think that since clusters have occurred in the past, there is no choice but to continue requesting closures, but the lives of shops and artists are severe and I am worried about how long this situation will last.”

The store is working to make money for each store and artist by starting live broadcasts on the Internet and selling t-shirts and other goods made with the performers on the store’s site.

Mr. Morimoto said, “I think it’s a live house with performers, so I’d like to think about ways to get over this time with artists. I would like them to show certain guidelines as soon as possible on what kind of measures they can take to resume business.”