Passenger plane crashes in Pakistan, killing more than 50

Passenger plane crash in Pakistan May 23, 5:03

A domestic airliner carrying about 1,000 passengers crashed in Pakistan on Sunday, killing more than one person.
Aviation authorities are recovering and analyzing a “black box” that records flight data and other items to determine the cause of the crash.

The crash occurred on the Airbus A320, a domestic airliner on Pakistan Airlines that was travelling from Lahore in eastern Pakistan to Karachi in the south, carrying about 100 passengers.

The airliner crashed into a residential area near the airport in Karachi on the afternoon of 22 22 pm local time.

According to local government and hospital officials, 57 deaths have been confirmed so far.

Information was mixed at the scene and it was not clear whether it contained people in residential areas.

According to the Japanese Consulate General in Karachi, there is no information that the Japanese were on board so far.

According to local media, aviation officials reported that the pilot was unable to contact the airport controller shortly before landing after informing the airport controller of an emergency that the engine was not working properly.

Aviation authorities are recovering and analyzing the black boxes that recorded flight data and cockpit conversations to determine the cause of the crash.