President Trump urges governor to resume church activities

President Trump asks governor to resume church activities Corona Virus May 23 at 6:40

U.S. President Trump has called on the governor to act immediately, recognizing churches and other religious institutions as essential facilities as economic activity limited by the spread of the new coronavirus spread ing. It is seen as a consideration for Christian evangelicals, president Trump’s key base of support for the fall presidential election, but there is also a backlash, with some pointing out that he is downplaying safety.
President Trump said at a news conference on Wednesday that “some governors have excluded churches and places of worship while recognizing liquor stores and clinics for abortion as essential facilities,” and called for the church and others to be recognized as “essential facilities” that are allowed to resume activities in preference.

President Trump then said, “If the governor doesn’t make that decision, I’ll use the president’s authority to resume it,” but he did not specifically say what authority he would exercise.

President Trump is seen as a thoughtful supporter of Christian evangelicals, who are also a key supporter of the fall presidential election, ahead of a weekend of church service.

Since worship at religious institutions where many people gather at once is one of the factors contributing to the spread of the new coronavirus, it has been pointed out that political speculation has given priority over the safety of the people, and it is likely to cause further backlash in the future.