Professional Baseball Hanshin 1st Military Players Gather and Practice For The First Time in Two Months

Professional Baseball Hanshin 1st army players gather for the first time in two months to practice May 23 19:15

Hanshin of professional baseball resumed practice after the fact that the declaration of emergency was lifted in Kansai, and the players of the armed forces gathered for the first time in about two months.
Hanshin had suspended activities in late February due to the infection of the new coronavirus by pitcher Shintaro Fujinami, but he practiced independently from last month and this month he was divided into pitchers and fielders.

Then, on The 21st, in response to the government’s declaration of emergency in Kansai, the 23rd day, for the first time in about two months, one of the military players gathered at Koshien Stadium to resume practice.

On the ground, coach Yano Dai called on the players to “do it so that they can give power to the fans”, and the practice began.

The players worked hard in seat knocks and batting practice for the season opener, which is expected to be the shortest month next month, and also confirmed the playing of runners between pitchers and infielders.

After the practice, Coach Yano said, “I felt the joy and joy of being able to wear a uniform and practice at Koshien. When we can start, I want to do my best to deliver my energy.”

“There was a good tension, and it was good for the first day. I was able to take the first step, so I’d like to make adjustments with care so as not to get hurt.”