Rent, creca and mortgage payments are a pinch in the Corona Virus! How do you get through it?

How should you do this if your income is low due to the Corona Virus and your rent and card payments become tighter? There are many ways to overcome the pinch, but here I would like to give you specific measures for each case.

◆1. If the rent is strict
Rent subsidies, such as business operators, are called out, but subsidies on an individual basis are not often taken up. However, there is actually a subsidy system.

If you are likely to lose your home due to a holiday, apply for housing security benefits.

In principle, this system supports the rent equivalent to three months and up to nine months. The payment requirements must be clear of income, asset, and job hunting requirements. The application will be an independent support organization in the city where you live.

In addition, it is also ali to negotiate directly with the landlord. However, i think there are many cases of private management and landlords. Rather than having them exempt, you may want to have the payment period delayed, such as temporarily reducing the rent and paying later, it is a good idea to try to negotiate.

There are also payments that the country has waived. Let’s do as much as we do and negotiate.

Reduction of national health insurance fees: Contact the office of each municipality
・Tax payment, utility fee grace: national and local taxes, electricity, gas, telephone, NHK reception fee
・National tax: To the National Tax Grace Consultation Center
Local taxes: To the window of each local organization
Utility charges: To each business operator

◆2. If your credit card is strictly paid
I think that there are many cases where cash income decreases and you use a credit card. Then, it is likely that the payment becomes severe by necessity, too. In such cases, it is also a good idea to change the lump sum payment to installmentor ribo payment to reduce the amount of a single payment.

You can also call your card company directly to discuss the grace period. In that case, how much can I repay every month? What is the outlook for future income? Such as, you may be asked a question, let’s call after thinking carefully.

◆3. If you have a hard mortgage payment
There is a rent subsidy, but there are many people who feel uneasy because the subsidy etc. related to the mortgage have not come out especially at present.

Even in situations where you have to pay your loan, the best thing to do is leave it alone. If you leave it behind even though your payments are delayed, you will not be able to repay the mortgage split. In the worst case, you’ll be auctioned.

It takes three months to pay off the split, and six months until the auction. In order not to do this, contact your borrower as soon as possible and discuss future repayments.

“Flat 35”, a partnership between the Housing Finance Agency and private financial institutions, offers a menu of changes to the repayment method to continue repayment. It is possible to review the repayment period by extending the repayment period by the special repayment special case, the reduction of the amount of the repayment over a certain period of time, and the review of the bonus repayment.

It is the worst thing to be able to do without being able to do any payment, and to be sloppy. Instead of bumping your anxiety, let’s ask them to think about what to do together.

Bun-e-Iida Michiko (Money Guide)