Seven works including “Piccoma AWARD” and “The Blade of Demon Destruction” to choose absolutely interesting manga

On March 23, seven films from the 2018 Piccoma AWARD 2020 were announced at The Piccoma, an electronic manga and novel service by Cacao Japan.

This year’s “Piccoma AWARD” celebrated its third time.

“Piccoma AWARD” is selected from the reader data of Piccoma, which is selected as “absolutely interesting work”. For the third time, from March 2019 to February 2020, all works read in Piccoma will be selected in four categories: “Number of Viewers,” “Sales,” “Likes,” and “First-Time Purchased Works.” In addition, in addition, in appreciation of the awarded work, the award sat in Latin on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and awarded each award named LUNA, IGNIS, ARBOR, AURUM, TERRA AND SOL.

Luna-Mon-Yeon-hsien award was selected for the final episode of “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which was released on The 18th. The popularity of piccoma sparked immediately after the end of the anime broadcast, and more than 15,000 books were sold on the new release date in February 2020. It is popular among all ages regardless of gender, and has spread to the like sought after by the people who do not read juvenile manga.

IGNIS -Tuesday- The Award is a “I’m the only thing that levels up” dubu, REDICE STUDIO, Chugong, h-goon/D&C MEDIA, which has more than 2.5 million readers in just one year from the start of the series, breaking a daily record of over 100 million yen in monthly sales. It has gained strong support from male readers in their 20s and 30s, mainly fans of “Different World Reincarnation” fans. Every Friday at 0 a.m. when the latest story is updated, readers are inundated.

Aqua (Wednesday) was awarded the award of “I’m still rejected today” (Porele Mi/Bunkasha) that made Piccoma readers aware of the fun of comic essays. The keen worries of the main character, Polemi, and the realism of the emotional depiction of the shaking attract sympathy from women of the same generation in their 20s and 30s.

ARBOR-Thursday Award, mainly for men in their 20s, “If you wait, if you wait, you’ll be there”, “The End of The Warcure”, which was published one after another by the reader who started to read it, “The End of The Warcure”, and the original work of Ajichika, Shinya Umemura, composed by Shinya Umemura. At the time of the release of the last six volumes, piccoma was ranked no.

The AURUM Awards are “Surgeon Elise”, which has exceeded 27 million times, has been published in the manga “Mini Original Yuin/ Kidari Studio”. Sometimes sweet and sometimes painful stories and cute illustrations have captured the hearts of women in their 20s, and they still have more than 50,000 new readers a month. The hit in Piccoma led to the development of paper comics.

Terra (Saturday) Award is a popular support for men in their 20s, while the title impact and high-sense cover, “Lv999 Villagers” (Kenichi Iwamoto, Hoshizuki Kitten, Fumi/KADOKAWA) has also been acquired by female readers. As the popularity of “Different World Reincarnation Mono” continued to become more popular and the replacement of the work became intense, the novel distribution in Piccoma was started.

The sol-sunday award was selected for “the first time i purchased a work in Piccoma” category point, and it is read mainly by a man in his 20s, and the original “lee hoon young drawing” is kim eui kwon/toonplus. It grew rapidly just six months after the start of the series, and the fast-paced storyline and exhilarating action scenes stood out by webtoon’s unique full-color vertical scrolling production, and was accepted by traditional “outlaw-loving” users.

To commemorate the Piccoma AWARD2020, Piccoma AWARD WEEK will be held from May 23 to June 7, an event where seven award winners can be read at great rates. Including the free delivery of the winning work and the expansion of the range of “If you wait, if you wait”, from the 25th, a coin reduction campaign named after “day of the week”, which is also the origin of the award name of Piccoma AWARD, will be held for one week.