Sightseeing facilities where you can visit Kusatsu Hot Spring specialty “Yummi” reopened in Gunma

Sightseeing facilities where you can visit Kusatsu Onsen specialty “Yumomomi” reopened Gunma May 23 0:02

In response to the cancellation of the new Coronavirus request, a tourist facility where visitors can visit the famous “Yumumi” at Kusatsu Onsen has reopened on 22 nd.
“Achinoyu” in Kusatsu town is a tourist facility in the town where you can see the famous “Yumomomi”, which is a specialty that stirs hot spring hot spring water with a board and lowers the temperature, and was closed last month at the request of the prefecture, but the request was canceled, and business resumed on The Day of the Year.

At the facility, the staff who inspected the visitors and opened the distance between the seats to be visited by about a meter, and the staff who demonstrated the bath ing was also taking measures such as wearing a mask.

On the other hand, the experience of the hot water fir usually is to pause for the time being to prevent infection.

A woman in her 50s who visited the museum said, “I felt the tradition of bath ing, and I was relieved to be able to visit the social distance firmly. The situation in the tourist area is very different from usual, so I hope it will be back soon.”

Hingichi Okawa, executive director of the Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association, said, “We were relieved to see the staff enjoying the hot water. I would like to make every effort to ensure that safety measures are used with peace of mind.”