Soccer Kobayashi Yuki Bento Delivery to Single Parent Corona Virus

Soccer Kobayashi Yuki Bento Delivery to Single Parent Home Corona Virus May 23 20:48

In an effort to support single-parent families whose lives are suffering due to the effects of the new coronavirus, Yuki Kobayashi, who played for the Japan National Football Team and grew up in a mother-and-child family, participated in an effort to provide free bento.
This initiative is an Italian restaurant in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and offers free bento boxes to single-parent families such as Minato-ku and Shinagawa-ku.

Yuki Kobayashi, who played in the Belgian Football League and grew up in a mother-and-son family, participated in the effort as a one-day delivery man.

On the first day of the lunch, Kobayashi said, “I grew up in a single parent family. I have had some hard times, but let’s do our best while thanking the people around us. I put a sticker with a message that said.

After this, i divided about 90 households with other staff by bicycle and handed them lunch directly. During his visit, Kobayashi handed out lunch boxes to the children, taking pictures together, and signing autographs for soccer balls, saying, “Good luck with football” and “Make friends at school.”

The mother-of-three said, “I think it’s great to actually act. The food costs are also very high, so it really helps.”

The boy, who is in the sixth grade of elementary school, said, “I didn’t think Kobayashi would come to my house. I was nervous, but I was happy.”

Kobayashi said, “I know that it’s hard for me to have rice and money in my mother and child’s home, so I immediately cooperated with them. I think that feelings reached because everyone was smiling. I think there are other families that need a lot of support, so I hope that the circle of support will expand.”