SPUR’s Yoshigamo Fumi Yamashita Tomoko, A Hint Of The Imagination Of What To Survive Now

The SPUR 7 issue, which was released today on May 23, features “The Power of Manga”. In the special feature, the interview of Yoshigamo and Yamashita Tomoko was published respectively.
“Imagine what if you’re next to you,” he says, and aims to get tips on how to survive the present with imagination. As “chikara imagining diversity”, Yoshinaka hears about “Ooku”, which depicts Edo Castle and Ooku, which were reversed by a mysterious infectious disease. Yamashita was also interviewed as “the chikara imagining a different country”, focusing on the “Diary of a Different Country”, which depicts the life of a novelist and a student living together in a different age. In addition, 10 masterpieces selected by female manga researcher Makoto Oda to enhance the imagination are also introduced.