Support for reduced donations in the Corona Virus, a child cancer support organization

Child Cancer Support NPO Corona Virus Donates Impact on Support May 23 at 5:16

Due to the new coronavirus, NPOs that support children and families with childhood cancer have been unable to raise money for fundraisers, making it difficult to support their families. “We would like to ask for support so that children can receive the treatment they need.”

The Gold Ribbon Network, a non-profit organization in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, has been working to support children and families with cancer for 12 years.

However, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, donations have not been collected through street fundraisers and cancellations, and the annual donation swells by nearly half.

For this reason, NPOs have subsidized up to 500,000 yen a year for transportation and accommodation expenses to receive treatment at hospitals far away from home, but they have been forced to reduce them to 200,000 yen, making it difficult to support their families.

The family said that “the use of public transportation is prohibited from the doctor to prevent the infection, and the economic burden is large because it uses the taxi etc.”, and the application for the subsidy from the month of the month to the month has increased to about twice as much as the same time of last year.

Hidefumi Matsui, president of the Company, said, “It’s really heartbreaking. I would like to ask for your support so that children can receive the treatment they need.”

What is childhood cancer?

Childhood cancer is a cancer developed by children under the age of 15.

According to the National Cancer Research Center, in Japan, people from 1,000 to 100 people are newly diagnosed with childhood cancer each year, and the percentage is approximately 10,000 children.

Since there are many types of childhood cancers such as leukemia, brain tumors, lymphoma, and neuroblastoma, and there are fewer patients than adult cancers, it has become a challenge that there are not enough doctors with a wealth of experience in treatment.

For this reason, the government has designated 15 medical institutions nationwide as “Pediatric Cancer Center Hospitals” so that medical teams can provide intensive treatment and experience from the heisei year of the previous year.

According to the National Cancer Research Center, childhood cancer is difficult to detect and cancer progresses faster, while it is also characterized by a highly effective effect on drug treatments and radiotherapy compared to cancer in adults.

Advances in medical care are said to cure seven to eight percent, but the number of diseases in which children die is the most common.

Children’s Cancer Families

Yuri Oda, who has a daughter of children with cancer, has left Nagasaki Prefecture, where her husband and son live, and has been accompanying her daughter, who has been in the hospital at Nagoya University Hospital since last year.

Oda’s husband used the aircraft to visit him once a month before the emergency was declared, so Oda applied for transportation expenses to the NPO Gold Ribbon Network.

Mr. Oda said, “The maximum amount of subsidies for NPOs has been reduced from 500,000 yen to 200,000 yen, but if a family comes from Nagasaki like we do, it will cost 200,000 yen soon if we get on a plane. My husband says that he wants to see his daughter for a day or two, even if it costs him a day or two, but when he thinks about his family budget, he thinks about how it would be nice to spend a few days on transportation. We are also concerned that the changing income conditions will make it more economically difficult in the future because we will not be able to apply.”

Experts ‘support donation reduction’

Tomoyasu Oyama of Okayama Prefecture, who is working on support for npos, said of the sustained benefits provided to small and medium-sized enterprises whose sales have decreased due to the effects of the new coronavirus, “The system was originally created with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind. For this reason, donations are not included in the reduction in sales required to receive payments, but i think that the decrease in donations and the decrease in sales will not change at all. As the effects of the new coronavirus become more serious, we should review the system so that NPOs and others can receive the support they need.”

In order to support NPOs, the government has decided to expand the system for subsidizing the so-called “dormant deposits”, and we are continuing to coordinate the contents of the application and when to start accepting applications.

Mr. Oyama said, “I think it’s very good. However, the current system is a contest system in which organizations that judge and subsidize the content sin field of activities, and there are provisions such as the need for the company to secure more than half of the business expenses on its own, so there is a possibility that support may not be reached by the company, which is in a predicament. It’s an urgent situation right now, so we should make sure that there is widespread support.”