Suzuki Honemi Is Addicted to The Physical Beauty of Kei Tanaka I’ve been watching my Achilles tendon on stage for about two hours.

BAR “SPEAKEASY” was open secretly in the age of prohibition. In 2020, there was such a secret BAR in the city of Tokyo. “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” opens at 1 a.m. on Monday through Thursday. Big guests from all over the world come and talk about talking only here, or not.

Tokyo FM’s program “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” on May 18, the customers are free announcer Miho Nakai and actress Honami Suzuki. “The story that can only be told here” by two people who are great best friends

From left: Miho Nakai and Yasunami Suzuki

◆Yasumi Suzuki praises kei Tanaka’s physical beauty

Suzuki: What I like is the stage of Mitsumi Fukikoshi. Mr. Fukikoshi made it by himself. Was it the Globe that I saw?

Nakai: It’s very difficult, isn’t it?

Suzuki: It’s art, isn’t it? That’s art. It was very interesting. I love Mr. Fukikoshi. I think he’s absolutely misunderstood because the role he plays on TV is rather strange(laughs), but no one is so colored.

Nakai: The stage might be especially so. It’s very gentle. The body moves well, doesn’t it?

Suzuki: Yes. The movement of the body is interesting and beautiful.

Nakai: The movement of the body is very important for the play and the stage which develops in front of eyes.

Suzuki: Important, important. I saw Kei Tanaka’s stage at Bunkamura for the first time a long time ago than “Old Man’s Love” some years ago. “It’s amazing. It’s cool. I thought. So, with my friend who went with me, at the end of the stage, I said, “Hey, kei Tanaka’s knee down, snare, achilles tendon beautiful thing It was exciting.

Nakai: I know. After all, it stays in the detail, and it stays in the detail.

Suzuki: I don’t know if it’s tv or video. I thought i had been watching Kei Tanaka’s Achilles tendon on the stage for about two hours. It was worth coming to Bunkamura today.

Nakai: What is it, it’s kind of persuasive with the body. I mean, i’m going to put all the results i’ve lived on my body. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Suzuki: That’s right. When you watch the stage, you can’t understand it in the video, you can feel what the body has. Mr. Yutaka Matsushige is tall and cool.

Nakai: Your voice is also wonderful. Nice. After all, the happiness to be able to see such a beautiful person and the colory person or a beautiful person in my average in life is very big after all. But it’s going to be more and more special, and that’s it.

Suzuki: Hey.

◆The movement of Yasunami Suzuki on the stage is strange. In a good way…

Nakai: The two-person play that Honami-chan did at the end of last year is also a “Big place to do it.” What would you do if you were told? It’s not like i’m a big hit.

Suzuki: It’s not yabuta. I’m going to continue with the club club play, and i’m going to read it remotely. I’m talking about it. I don’t know how to zoom for a moment. After all, it is on TV and the image. I’ve been working in the feeling that I’m not real, so it’s fun to move my body through the reaction, and what I discovered when I did club activities is that i’m more likely to move and develop a play.

Nakai, yes! But when I saw the two-person play, I said, “You’re going to do this, You’re A Suzuki, Younami. I just broke the shell.” I think the comedy-eto part of Honami-chan was so popular with viewers that she was just a late show on a variety show. It was decisive when I saw this stage. The movement was also strange. Of course, it’s a compliment to change.

Suzuki: It’s fun to gradually realize that after the age of 50, “Oh, I have something like this” or “I’m better at this kind of thing.” That’s when I was doing “Tokyo Love Story”. I went to the teacher of the play, and the teacher was very angry at me saying, “You are doing it only by the face”.

At that time, “Eh! Up from the neck to the top of the I’m told. I already had only a face on the camera, so I had to do it with my face.” But after all, it’s a play that moves the body.

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