Taketo Nakajima, Murasaki Hirano, “Premium Music Special Edition”, Live Appearance “A Wonderful Program”

On March 23, the contents of premium music special edition “Premium Music Special Edition”, which is the mc of Kento Nakajima and Shiyou Hirano of King&Prince of the idol group Sexy Zone, was revealed on 23 Rd.

Kento Nakajima (left) and Murasaki Hirano = Nippon Television Service

This program will be broadcast as a special edition of Premium Music 2020, which delivered a number of famous songs as “music special son of one living thing” on March 25 this year. This time, in addition to the previous video, the song that you want to watch and listen to is added to the music, and the person of MC will perform live.

In “Johnny’s Message Song Medley, you can give me the power of the Johnny’s Message Song Medley”, and we introduce a song in a medley format that incorporates a message that gives power from among the masterpieces of the Johnny’s Group. In addition to KinKi Kids, V6 and Storm, songs from the Sexy Zone and King&Prince have also been announced.

In “Japan Teledrama Theme Song Medley”, the drama’s film is also interwoven with the drama’s films, including “Feel your breeze” (V6) of “Sosen” and “I Want to Be Gentle” by “Mita” by the housekeeper.

In addition, sexy zone “RUN”, which is the W theme song of the starring drama “Less Than Police Midnight Runner” of two MC people that has been postponed to broadcast, King & Prince “Mazy Night”, introduced in addition to some of the latest special footage to the singing video when it debuted in March. Sexy Zone is a collaboration with Rhizomatiks, a creative group that makes full use of a variety of technologies, and King & Prince is a bewitching stage that feels sexy for adults, and will be a special production for five different-person takes.

Nakajima said, “Premium Music, which aired in March, is back. It is an honor to be able to participate as MC again in a wonderful program that brings the present Japan up with music by teaming up with Shiya and Buddy again this time. We would like to work together and make four hours. It will be an opportunity to experience the music of various artists, so I hope it will heal your heart.”

Hirano said, “This time, i’m going to deliver a four-hour broadcast with Nakajima-kun in a double MC, so I’m going to lean on my senior’s shoulders this time. I feel that the power of music is very strong. I hope that through a wonderful music program called Premium Music Special Edition, We hope to make everyone in Japan bright and energetic.”