The 399th original movie and drama sub-sk “Apple TV”, the iPhone basics

Do you use Apple TV+, a video streaming service offered by Apple? With a subscription service of 600 yen per month, you can use the Apple TV app not only for hardware Apple TV, but also for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and Windows Pc. This time, I will introduce the contents of the service and how to use it.

Apple’s original video streaming service, Apple TV+. IPhone, iPad, Mac, there is a dedicated app “Apple TV”

Apple TV+ delivers Apple original content

Apple TV+ is a subscription video distribution service offered by Apple. With a flat-rate system of 600 yen per month, you can watch all you can see the original content produced for this service.

Apple’s special event last year gave a fairly focused presentation on the original content. There is a line-up of works that are full of power by famous directors and performers.

Original works that can only be viewed here, from heavy dramas to documentaries and children’s works, are delivered.

Some movies/episodes are now open for free. You don’t have to start using the seven-day experience, so feel free to try it out.

The Queen of Elephants: The Story of the Great Mother, the Official Invitational film at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival

The heartfelt story of American immigrants based on a true story published in the drama “Little America” magazine Epic Magazine

What if that space development competition wasn’t over? A work that imaginatively depicts the world of if

The four children of the drama “Ghostwriter” help the characters in the book Small adventures and friendships, works i want to enjoy with children

You can also watch “The Amazing Story” (part) directed by Steven Spielberg and the psychothriller “Servant – The Turner Family’s Lullaby” directed by M. Knight Chamaran for free.
How to use and cancel apple TV+ paid plans

Apple TV+ subscription is 600 yen per month. When one person signs up, up to six members of the family registered person, including the person in question, can use it. There is a free period of one week when you start using it for the first time.

Open the Apple TV app and tap “Experience” → When the payment confirmation screen comes out, approve it with the side button or Touch ID

When the Terms of Use are displayed, tap “I agree” → Now you can watch

You can unsubscribe from your subscription at any time by following these steps: It can also be released during the free period of one week.

In the upper right corner of the Apple TV app top screen, tap the account icon → Tap “Manage subscriptions”

Select “Apple TV+” from the list → Select “Cancel subscription (or free trial)”

Apple TV+ is free for one year once you buy an Apple product

There is a campaign to allow you to buy apple products iPhone/ iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV/ Mac, and experience Apple TV+ for one year for free. If you recently purchased an iPad or iPhone SE, please take advantage of it. Please note that there are the following conditions for use.

The devices covered are new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV/Mac purchased by Apple or apple authorized retailers after September 10, 2019

Campaigns are only available once per family, regardless of the number of device purchases

Start using the Apple TV app within three months of the first time you set up your new device
After one year of free trial, a subscription of 600 yen per month will automatically continue unless you cancel.

Convenient to search for distribution works on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ allows you to watch movies and TV series other than originals, but most of them are rented and sold. If you’re using Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you won’t want to open and search the Apple TV app. However, there is only one convenient point for this.

Search across a variety of video distribution services by searching in the Apple TV app. If you’re using multiple subscriptions, it’s useful to compare the best deals.

You’ll also see apple music videos and distribution services that are not familiar in Japan. Use it when you don’t know which service the work you want to watch.